MAXXIS MATCHED ST 120/70 + 190/50

MAXXIS MATCHED ST 120/70 + 190/50

Maxxis Supermaxx MA-ST2 Sport Touring Tyre Pair. Designed to provide miles upon miles of comfortable riding with impressive grip when its needed the most.

Contains: 190/50ZR17 MA-ST2 73W TL Supermaxx ST Tyre | 120/70ZR17 MA-ST2 58W TL Supermaxx ST Tyre

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The Maxxis Supermaxx ST2 has been developed for a wide range of middleweight and heavyweight sport touring motorcycles

The new Maxxis Supermaxx ST2 delivers the very latest in radial construction technology, utilising an all-new design which features mono-spiral steel belts for improved structural rigidity, resulting in truly outstanding cornering performance.

Stiffer sidewalls ensure that Supermaxx ST2 can handle increased loads over previous generations of Supermaxx, reducing sidewall cornering flex and delivering the secure feel Touring riders demand.

Outright grip is delivered through Maxxis industry leading Silica Plus Compound technology. Nano-Silica is blended with modified rubber compounds and ultra-fine particles of carbon black. The resulting sport touring compound delivers outstanding grip in varied weather conditions and a consistent wear rate on long distance tours.

Advanced 3-D Sipes further enhance grip in wet road conditions, and eliminate uneven tread wear, locking tread blocks together under load to maintain stiffness in the tread compound.

The Supermaxx ST2 features an advanced V-groove tread pattern with an intensive groove design to expel standing water from the contact patch, maintaining consistent handling characteristics in varied road conditions, wet or dry.

Fitment Summary
Compatible with 478 models (yearly).

  • Aprilia: Mana 850GT, Mana 850NA, RSV 1000 Factory, RSV 1000 R Factory, RSV 1000 SBK Factory, RSV 1000 Tuono
  • Benelli: TNT 1130, TNT 1130 Cafe Racer, TNT 1130 Century Racer, TNT 1130 Naked Tre, TNT 1130R, TNT 1130 R 160, TNT 1130 R Sport, TNT 1130 Titanium, Tornado 1130Tre, TreK 1130
  • Bimota: Tesi 9061D
  • BMW: K 1200S
  • Ducati: 996, 996 Biposto, 996R, 996 R Testa Stretta, 996S, 996 S Tricolore, 996 Sport Production, 996SPS, 996 SPS III, 998 BiPosto, 998FE, 998R, 998S, Monster 996S4R, Monster 996 S4R SP, ST4S 996 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, ST4S 996R
  • Honda: CBF1000 A6, CBF1000 A7, CBF1000 A9, CBF1000 F6, CBF1000 F7, CBF1000 F8, CBF1000 F9, CBF1000 FAA, CBF1000 FAB, CBF1000 FAC, CBF1000 FAD, CBF1000 FAE, CBF1000 FAF, CBF1000 FAG, CBR1000 FH, CBR1000 FJ, CBR1000 FK, CBR1000 FL, CBR1000 FM, CBR1000 FN, CBR1000 FP, CBR1000 FR, CBR1000 FS, CBR1000 FT, CBR1000 FV, CBR1000 FW, CBR1000 FX, CBR1000 RAD, CBR1000 RAE, CBR1000 RAF, CBR1000 RAG, CBR1000 RAH, CBR1000 RR, CBR1000 RR4, CBR1000 RR5, CBR1000 RR6, CBR1000 RR7, CBR1000 RR8, CBR1000 RR9 RA9, CBR1000 RRA RAA, CBR1000 RRB RAB, CBR1000 RRC RAC, CBR919 RRT, CBR919 RRV, CBR919 RRW 919cc, CBR919 RRX 919cc, CBR929 RR1 929cc, CBR929 RRY 929cc, CBR954 RR2 954cc, CBR954 RR3 954cc, CBR954 RR4 954cc
  • MV Agusta: Brutale 1078, Brutale 750S, Brutale 910S, F4 1078CC, F4 1078RR, F4 1078 RR F511, F4 750ORO, F4 750S, F4R 1000 Brembo Evo M50 4-Pist calipers, F4R 1000 F312
  • Suzuki: GSX 1300 B-King, GSX 1300 R Hayabusa WVA1, GSX 1300 R Hayabusa WVCK, GSX 1340 R Hayabusa WVCK, GSX 1400K1, GSX 1400K2, GSX 1400K3, GSX 1400K4, GSX 1400K5, GSX 1400K6, GSX 1400K7, GSX 1400K8, GSXR 1000 Alstare 25th anniversary, GSXR 1000K1, GSXR 1000K2, GSXR 1000K3, GSXR 1000K4, GSXR 1000K5, GSXR 1000K6, GSXR 1000K7, GSXR 1000K8, GSXR 1000K9, GSXR 1000L0, GSXR 1000L1, GSXR 1000L2, GSXR 1000L3, GSXR 1000L4, GSXR 1000L5, GSXR 1000L6, GSXR 1000L7, GSXR 1000L8, GSXR 1000L9, GSXR 1000M0, GSXR 1000M1, GSXR 1000M2, GSXR 1000M3, GSXR 1000 Yoshimura, GSXR 750WT, GSXR 750WV, GSXR 750WW, GSXR 750WX, GSXS 1000GT, GSXS 1000L5, GSXS 1000L6, GSXS 1000L7, GSXS 1000L8, GSXS 1000L9, GSXS 1000M0, GSXS 1000M1, GSXS 1000 new Katana, TL 1000R, TL 1000S
  • Triumph: Daytona 955 T595, Speed Triple 955 955i
  • Yamaha: FZ1 1000 N NA, FZ1 1000S, MT01 16705YU, YZF 1000R, YZF 1000R1, YZF 1000SP
  • Kawasaki: GTR 1400A7F, GTR 1400A8F, GTR 1400A9F, GTR 1400CAF, GTR 1400CBF, GTR 1400CCF, GTR 1400CDF, GTR 1400CEF, GTR 1400EFF, GTR 1400EGF, GTR 1400EHF, Z 1000A1, Z 1000A2, Z 1000A3, Z 1000A6F, Z 1000B7F, Z 1000B8F, Z 1000B9F, Z 1000C7F, Z 1000C8F, Z 1000C9F, Z 1000DAF, Z 1000DBF, Z 1000DCF, Z 1000DDF, Z 1000 DDFA, Z 1000EAF, Z 1000EBF, Z 1000ECF, Z 1000 EDFA, Z 1000FEF, Z 1000FFF, Z 1000FGF, Z 1000GEF, Z 1000 GEFA, Z 1000GFF, Z 1000GGF, Z 1000HHF, Z 1000HJF, Z 1000HKF, Z 1000R, Z 1000SE, Z 1000SX, Z 1000 SX abs, ZX10R 1000C1, ZX10R 1000C2, ZX7R 750P1, ZX7R 750P2, ZX7R 750P3, ZX7R 750P4, ZX7R 750P5, ZX7R 750P6, ZX7R 750P7, ZX7R 750P8, ZX7RR 750N1, ZX7RR 750N2, ZX7RR 750N3, ZX7RR 750N4, ZX7RR 750N5, ZX7RR 750N6, ZX7RR 750N7, ZX7RR 750N8, ZZR 1400B6F, ZZR 1400B7F, ZZR 1400D8F, ZZR 1400D9F, ZZR 1400DAF, ZZR 1400DBF, ZZR 1400FCF, ZZR 1400FDF, ZZR 1400FEF, ZZR 1400FFF, ZZR 1400 FFFA, ZZR 1400HGF, ZZR 1400HHF, ZZR 1400HJF, ZZR 1400HKF, ZZR 1400HLF, ZZR 1400JGF, ZZR 1400JHF, ZZR 1400JJF, ZZR 1400JKF, ZZR 1400JLF


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