Maxxis Supermaxx MA-ST2 Sport Touring Tyre. Designed to provide miles upon miles of comfortable riding with impressive grip when its needed the most.

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Maxxis Supermaxx ST2 (MA-ST2)

The Maxxis Supermaxx ST2 has been developed for a wide range of middleweight and heavyweight sport touring motorcycles

The new Maxxis Supermaxx ST delivers the very latest in radial construction technology, utilising an all-new design which features mono-spiral steel belts for improved structural rigidity, resulting in truly outstanding cornering performance.

Stiffer sidewalls ensure that Supermaxx ST2 can handle increased loads over previous generations of Supermaxx, reducing sidewall cornering flex and delivering the secure feel Touring riders demand.

Outright grip is delivered through Maxxis industry leading Silica Plus Compound technology. Nano-Silica is blended with modified rubber compounds and ultra-fine particles of carbon black. The resulting sport touring compound delivers outstanding grip in varied weather conditions and a consistent wear rate on long distance tours.

Advanced 3-D Sipes further enhance grip in wet road conditions, and eliminate uneven tread wear, locking tread blocks together under load to maintain stiffness in the tread compound.

The Supermaxx ST2 features an advanced V-groove tread pattern with an intensive groove design to expel standing water from the contact patch, maintaining consistent handling characteristics in varied road conditions, wet or dry.

Fitment Summary
Compatible with 1,102 models (yearly).

  • Benelli: BN 302, BN 302R
  • Bimota: BB1 650 Supermono, YB9 600
  • BMW: G 650 X moto, K 1100RS, K1 1000 K589, K100 1000RS, K100 1000RT, R 1100R, R 1100RS, R 1100RT, R85 850 R R259, R85 850RT, R85 850 RT R22, R85 850 RT R259
  • Cagiva: Raptor 650, Raptor 650ie, VRaptor 650, VRaptor 650 Serie I
  • Ducati: 620 Sport Carenata, Monster 600, Monster 600 City, Monster 600 City Dark, Monster 600 Dark, Monster 600SL, Monster 620ie, Monster 620 ie DD, Monster 620 ie MD, Monster 620 S ie, Monster 750, Monster 750 City, Monster 750 City Dark, Monster 750 Dark, Monster 750ie, Multistrada 620, Multistrada 620 Dark, Multistrada 620ie, Multistrada 620 ie DD, Multistrada 620 ie MD, Pantah 350SS, Pantah 600SL, Sport 620S, SS 750 Superlight, Supersport 350SS, Supersport 600ie, Supersport 600SS, Supersport 750 Carenata, Supersport 750 Nuda, Supersport 750SS, Supersport 750 SS ie
  • Honda: CB1000 FP, CB1000 FR, CB1000 FS, CB1000 FT, CB1000 FV, CB1000 FW, CB1000 R, CB400 SF, CB400 SFA, CB500 FAD, CB500 FAE, CB500 FAF, CB500 FAG, CB500 FAH, CB500 FAJ, CB500 FAK, CB500 FAL, CB500 FAM, CB500 X, CB600 FE, CBF500 A4, CBF500 A5, CBF500 A6, CBF500 A7, CBF500 A8, CBF500 A9, CBF500 PC39, CBF500 PC39 NON ABS, CBF500 R-P, CBF600 N, CBF600 N NA 4, CBF600 N NA 5, CBF600 N NA 6, CBF600 N NA 7, CBF600 N NA 8, CBF600 N NA 9, CBF600 S, CBF600 SA, CBF600 SA4, CBF600 SA5, CBF600 SA6, CBF600 SA7, CBF600 SA8, CBF600 SA9, CBF600 SF, CBR400 RRJ, CBR400 RRK, CBR400 RRL, CBR400 RRM, CBR400 RRN, CBR400 RRP, CBR400 RRR, CBR400 RRS, CBR400 RRT, CBR500 FH, CBR500 FJ, CBR500 FK, CBR500 FL, CBR500 FM, CBR500 R, CBR500 RAK, CBR500 RAL, CBR500 RAM, CBR600 FH, CBR600 FJ, CBR600 FK, CBR600 FL, CBR600 FM, CBR600 FN, CBR600 FP, CBR600 FR, CBR600 FS, CBR600 FT, CBR600 FV, CBR600 FW, CTX700 D, CTX700 DCT, CTX700 N, CTX700 T, NC700 D, NC700 S, NC700 S D, NC700 SA, NC700 X, NC700 XD, NC750 D, NC750 J, NC750 S, NC750 SA, NC750 SD DCT, NC750 SDK DCT, NC750 X, NC750 X XA, NC750 X-ADV, NC750 XD
  • Husaberg: FS 4004T, FS 4504T, FS 5504T, FS 5704T, FS 6504T, FS 650SM
  • Husqvarna: Supermoto 701, Svartpilen 701, Vitpilen 701
  • Hyosung: GT 650 Comet, GT 650 Naked, GT 650 Naked II, GT 650 Sport, GT 650 Sport II
  • Kawasaki: EN 650AGF, EN 650BFF, EN 650BGF, EN 650CHF, EN 650CJF, EN 650D, EN 650DHF, EN 650DJF, ER6F 650 A B 6F, ER6F 650 A B 7F, ER6F 650 A B 8F, ER6F 650D9F, ER6F 650DAF, ER6F 650DBF, ER6F 650ECF, ER6F 650EDF, ER6F 650EEF, ER6F 650EFF, ER6F 650FGF, ER6N 650 A B 6F, ER6N 650 A B 7F, ER6N 650 A B 8F, ER6N 650 A B 9F, ER6N 650CAF, ER6N 650CBF, ER6N 650ECF, ER6N 650EDS, ER6N 650EEF, ER6N 650FFF, ER6N 650FGF, ER6N 650FHF, ER6N 650FHG, KLE 650 Versys, KLE 650 Versys A B 7F, KLE 650 Versys A B 8F, KLE 650 Versys A B 9F, KLE 650 Versys C DAF, KLE 650 Versys DBF, KLE 650 Versys DCF, KLE 650 Versys DDF, KLE 650 Versys DEF, KLE 650 Versys F, Ninja 650, Ninja 650JJF, Ninja 650KHF, Ninja 650KJF, Z 650 ER650 R, Z 650RS, ZR7 750F1, ZR7 750F2, ZR7 750F3, ZR7 750F4, ZR7 750F5, ZR7S 750H1, ZR7S 750H2, ZR7S 750H3, ZR7S 750J1, ZR7S 750J2, ZR7S 750J3, ZX10 1000A1, ZX10 1000A2, ZX10 1000B1, ZX10 1000B2, ZX10 1000B3, ZX6R 600F1, ZX6R 600F2, ZX6R 600F3, ZX6R 600G1, ZX6R 600G2, ZX6R 600J1, ZX6R 600J2, ZX6R 600J3, ZX6R 636A1P, ZX6R 636B1, ZX6R 636B2, ZX6R 636C, ZXR 400R, ZXR 400 R-RR, ZZR 400K1, ZZR 400K2, ZZR 400K3, ZZR 400N1, ZZR 400N10, ZZR 400N11, ZZR 400N12, ZZR 400N13, ZZR 400N14, ZZR 400N2, ZZR 400N3, ZZR 400N4, ZZR 400N5, ZZR 400N6, ZZR 400N7, ZZR 400N8, ZZR 400N9, ZZR 600D1, ZZR 600D2, ZZR 600D3, ZZR 600D4, ZZR 600E1, ZZR 600E10, ZZR 600E11, ZZR 600E12, ZZR 600E13, ZZR 600E14, ZZR 600E15, ZZR 600E2, ZZR 600E3, ZZR 600E4, ZZR 600E5, ZZR 600E6, ZZR 600E7, ZZR 600E8, ZZR 600E9
  • KTM: Duke 400, Duke 400 LC-4, Duke 620, Duke 620 LC-4, Duke 640, Duke 690, Duke 690R, Duke II 640, LC4 640 Supermoto, Rallye 660 Supermoto, SC 625 LC-4, SM 690 Supermoto, SMC 660 Supermoto, SMC 690, Supermoto 620 LC-4
  • Laverda: 668, 668 Diamante, Black Strike 650, Formula 650, Ghost 668, Ghost 668 Strike, Ghost 750 Strike
  • Moto Guzzi: Daytona 1000, Sport 1100, Sport 1100 Corsa, V10 1000 Centauro
  • Sachs: Roadster 650, XRoad 125
  • Suzuki: GSF 600 Bandit, GSF 650 Bandit, GSX 650 F FA, GSXR 1100G, GSXR 1100H, GSXR 1100J, GSXR 1100K, GSXR 750AK, GSXR 750F, GSXR 750G, GSXR 750H, GSXR 750J, GSXR 750K, GSXR 750R, SFV 650 AZ Gladius, SFV 650 Gladius, SV 650S, SV 650SA, SV 650 Scrambler, SV 650X
  • Triumph: Daytona 1000, Daytona 1200, Daytona 750, Daytona 900, Daytona 900 Sprint, Daytona 900 Super III, Legend 900TT, Speed Triple 750, Thruxton 1200, Thruxton 1200R, Thruxton 1200RS, Thruxton 1200TFC, Trident 750, Trident 900, Trophy 1200, Trophy 900 Kayaba Forks, Trophy 900 Showa Forks
  • Yamaha: FZR 1000 EXUP, FZR 1000 Genesis, FZR 600R, FZR 750R, FZR 750RR, FZR 750RT, FZS 600 Fazer, FZX 750 2JA 4AM, FZX 7504AM, MT03 6605YK, TDM 900ABS, TDM 900AZ, TDM 900P, TDM 900R, TDM 900S, TDM 900T, TDM 900V, TDM 900W, TDM 900X, TDM 900Y, TDM 900Z, TRX 850, XJ6 600F, XJ6 600 N NA, XJ6 600 S SA, XJ6 600SP, XT 660 X 1D2 10S, YZF 600R, YZF 600R6


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