Ferodo Eco Friction Pad

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Ferodo brake pads and shoes provide the performance and modulation appreciated by the worlds best riders

Please ensure when you choose your pad compound, you select the correct pad for your intended use. Several pads are available in differing compounds. Always check you have selected the correct type for your intended use. Please speak to any member of our sales staff if you are in any doubt or need advice on the correct type to choose

Pad TypeUse and Benefits
EF- Eco Friction PadFor ROAD use. Outstanding quality / price ratio
P- Platinum PadROAD ,use. Premium organic road formulation. Similar to OEM compund
PRP Polished Rotor PadsPolished Rotor Pads for custom bike road use. Minimized disc scoring and dusting make these the perfect choice for use with polished discs.
ST Road Sintered PadHH Rated (highest friction rating obtainable). Offers the ultimate braking performance and control in both wet and dry conditions. For Road use
SG - Offroad Sintered PadOffers superior performance and life in both muddy and dry conditions on both axles. Ideal for all types of recreational and race use. For Off road use
XRAC - Race PadRACE USE ONLY Offers unparalleled braking performance. Incorporates Ferodos innovative Array Cooling for 15% disc temperature reduction
ZRAC Race/Recreational Pad ,Combines race style performance with control. Ideal for track use and recreational use in wild open spaces For RECREATIONAL &, RACE use.
ZR - Offroad Race PadFor OFF-ROAD RACE use. Offers enhanced control on the front axle for off-road race use.
CP1/CPRO Pad Ceramic Grip CompoundFor ,RACE ,use. Ideal when caliper temperatures need to be minimized. Excellent modulation for superior feel and control.
FSB - ShoeBrake shoes lined with organic friction material.

Fitment Summary:
For full fitment details in a searchable list please check the FITMENTS tab.

  • AJP: PR5 250 Enduro
  • Aprilia: Arrecife 200, Arrecife 500 Sprint, Atlantic 200, Atlantic 500 (PT/e3/0097), Leonardo 250, Leonardo 250SP, Leonardo 250ST, Leonardo 300, Scarabeo 125EU2, Scarabeo 125Eu3, Scarabeo 125GT, Scarabeo 125 Piaggio Motor, Scarabeo 125 Rotax, Scarabeo 125 Touring, Scarabeo 150, Scarabeo 200GT, Scarabeo 200 Piaggio Motor, Scarabeo 400 Light, Scarabeo 500ie, Sportcity 125 Cube, Sportcity 125EU2, Sportcity 125EU3, Sportcity 125ie, Sportcity 125One, Sportcity 250 Cube, Sportcity 250ie, Sportcity 300 Cube, Sportcity 300ie, Trial 320, Tuareg 250
  • Cagiva: Blues 125, Blues 125 Freccia, Mito 50, Roadster 125, Roadster 200
  • Derbi: Rambla 125, Rambla 125R, Rambla 125SM
  • Fantic: Raider 2 250
  • Garelli: XR 125 Tiger
  • Gas Gas: EC 50, EC 50Boy, EC 50 Enduro
  • Gilera: APTS 125, Arizona 125 Hawk, Arizona 200 Hawk, Dakota 350, Dakota 500, ER 125, ER 200, ER 350, ER 500, Fast Bike 125RRT, Fast Bike 200, KK 125 APTS, KZ 125, KZ 125 Endurance, R1 125S, RC 125 Rally, RC 250 Rally, RC 600AE, RRT 125 Nebraska, RTX 200, RV 125ES, RV 125 Sport, RV 200, XR-1 125, XR-2 125AE, XRT 600
  • Honda: CLR 125-1, CLR 125-2, CLR 125-3, CLR 125W, CLR 125X, CLR 125Y, MTX 200R, NS 125F, NS 125R, NSR 125R, NX 125 Transcity, XL 125R, XL 200L
  • Malaguti: Centro 50 Base, Ciak 50 Master, Spidermax 500GT, Spidermax 500RS
  • Moto Morini: Camel 501, Excaliber 350, Excalibur 501, Kanguro 350
  • Motorhispania: RX 50R, RX 50 Racing, RX 50 Superracing
  • Puch: FS 125


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